Empower your employees by socialising your entire business using an intelligent communication and engagement tool 

A collaborative and connected workforce. Completely transform the way that your business communicates information

The digital world that we live in is changing; the way we live, work, plan and communicate is steered by advancements in technology, and to stay at the forefront of this change, we need to change with it.

Many businesses are finding the shift to a digital mind-set to be difficult; others are picking and choosing which areas to advance digitally, whilst those businesses willing to fully immerse themselves in an all-digital strategy are seeing the huge benefits of a connected, collaborative and efficient workforce.

This, however, raises the question as to how we manage this change – how do we convince businesses who are already seeing great success to change, and how do we convince struggling organisations, or those in sectors such as the public sector and education where budgets are tight, to invest in digital technology to create a more connected workforce, both on an information level and a people level?

HR communication before implementation of staff engagement tool
before Connect V2 copy

HR communication after implementation of staff engagement tool
after Connect V2 copy

The only staff communication and engagement tool you will ever need
  • Private and targeted social media-based newsfeeds
  • Integration to your core social media platforms
  • Customisable digital forms
  • Easy-access Staff Directory
  • Usage analytics
  • 2-way text messaging and email communication
  • Email integration
  • Cloud-based storage and folder system
  • Mobile App (iOS, Windows, Android)
  • Flexible access rights
  • Digitalised Company Hierarchy
  • Real-time Calendar and notifications
  • Cascading notifications
  • Training Material Storage
  • On-boarding communication
  • Custom Groups
  • Social Communities
  • Project Discussion Areas
  • Fully branded interface
  • Online, LiveChat and Telephone Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Impressionable Roadmap

If your business suffers from disengaged staff, or you find that staff leave you within the first 6 months to a year of employment, our employee engagement tool could be the solution.