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Accrosoft’s ATS & Candidate Management Tool is called Vacancy Filler and since 2008 has been providing organisations of all shapes and sizes with a sophisticated, cloud-based, recruitment platform that is supported by a team of highly experienced support specialists

We have made every effort to build the company that we ourselves would want to do business with. As our customers fund our daily operations by paying for our products, we feel the only way to repay them is to listen to them instead of taking advice from investors or the stock market. We firmly believe that we owe our customers the highest standards in everything we do.

Our goal is to empower recruiters to get the best out of their activities whilst enhancing employer brand through candidate experience, and quality of hire, via an efficient recruitment process, all whilst minimising time and cost per hire.

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Configuration, as opposed to customisation

Vacancy Filler’s cloud-based recruitment platform is extremely flexible and can be implemented quickly due to its base product integration model.

The base product of our recruitment solution provides your business with a set of advanced hiring tools that allow for streamlined hiring practices throughout your entire recruitment process. Our product enables us to provide a solution that delivers 80% of the functionality of a ‘tier one’ recruitment software product, but at 20% of the cost. Configuration, as opposed to customisation.


Let our business help your business grow

Vacancy Filler started as a result of CEO, Alex, identifying a problem within his existing technology businesses, with finding ‘good people’ to help grow the brand, without having to answer to costly recruitment agencies. Alex and his team looked at other recruitment software providers; it became apparent that the tools available were still not addressing the fundamental needs of his in-house recruitment team. Having his own development team combined with his experience in bringing a software product to market, Vacancy Filler’s cloud-based recruitment software was formed. To this day, Vacancy Filler has continued to grow successfully, on the back of using our own product to recruit for ourselves. We firmly believe that our business will help your business to grow.

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Made by recruiters, for recruiters

Having the resources to develop our product in-house has given us the ability to react in real-time to the feedback from our extensive and varied customer base; this has resulted in a product that has effectively been designed by not only Developers, but by experienced Recruiters, HR Directors, HR Managers and hundreds of other industry professionals who are involved in the recruitment process for their business on a daily basis and we wouldn’t have it any other way

Service is everything

We provide a market-leading piece of recruitment software that simplifies and streamlines, what would normally be a complex and lengthy task. However, this alone is not what makes us so successful.

We provide a service that we are proud of, a service that has kept us at the top, a service that highlights the willingness and the ability of our staff to help, solve and improve wherever and whenever possible – this is why a Vacancy Filler Solution is the best recruitment solution for your business

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